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Improve Your Accounts Payable System with Paperless Documents

Tracking receipts, customer information, and invoices is a challenging process when working with physical documents. All it takes is a couple of misplaced receipts or unfiled invoices to cause significant record-keeping issues for your company. When working with paper documents, searching for previous transactions and accurately recording customer payments on their invoices can also cause problems. If left unchecked, improperly organized accounts payable documents have the potential to hurt your business’s bottom line.

Switching from a paper invoice system to digital accounts payable records helps you avoid the pitfalls caused by paper-based accounts payable documents. When you automate the accounts payable process, your AP department benefits from increased efficiency and organization through document management software.

Instantly create digital invoices with unique invoice numbers, digitally track customer payments, and never lose track of your business expenses with digital accounts payable solutions. To make the paperless transition on your business more accessible, consider hiring an accounts payable scanning service.

Working with a reliable scanning provider makes it possible for your business to convert legacy documents into digital files and replaces your physical filing system with easy-to-use document management software without the hassle of undertaking the project on your own. At DocCapture, we help you find the right scanning solution for your organization. Our nationwide network of local and regional accounts payable scanning services has the answers you need to boost the efficiency of your AP department and save your company from accounting inaccuracies.

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Should You Switch to a Paperless AP Department?

When you make the switch to a paperless invoicing and record-keeping system, your accounts payable department can unlock its full potential. Your AP department gains the ability to focus its attention on properly maintaining customer accounts instead of trying to locate the documents they need. Never lose incoming invoices, receipts, or customer payment records by partnering with a scanning solution service.

Accounts payable scanning services can take your hard-to-manage physical files and turn them into a well-organized digital system. This service helps your accounts payable department improve its effectiveness and organization through digital invoices, automated accounts payable processes, and simple document management software. As a result, the worry caused by paper invoices and proper expense document filing will disappear.

Here is how the accounts payable document scanning process works:

  • Start by boxing your receipts, paper invoices, customer payment records, etc. for your scanning service to collect them.
  • Your scanning service then travels to your business to retrieve your physical documents and transports them to their secure facility.
  • Once the documents arrive at the facility, the scanning provider converts your physical copies into easily manageable digital files with equipment that utilizes optical character recognition (OCR) and document imaging software powered by artificial intelligence.
  • After the scans are complete, your scanning service sorts the digital files into an easy-to-use document management system that includes and logs previous invoices into your new invoicing software.
  • Following the creation of your document management system, the scanning provider either shreds, stores, or returns your physical copies in compliance with state and federal document storage regulations.

When you work with a professional file scanning service, the way your AP department handles invoicing becomes easier for you and your customers. Digital invoices and expense records make it possible for your accounts payable department to move away from spending their time swimming in a sea of paper and more time ensuring that your AP accounts are appropriately handled.

How Can DocCapture Help You Make the Paperless Transition?

At DocCapture, we understand that you are busy and don’t have the time or resources to have an employee scan and convert your paper files over to digital copies. Partnering with us eliminates your need to convert your system or even find the right service for your business. Our nationwide network of local and regional accounts payable scanning providers offer paperless solutions for your organization.

Partnering with one of our network providers gives you:

  • Simple document management solutions with automated invoicing processes
  • Convenient physical document conversion that syncs with your invoicing software
  • Safe and secure storage of the physical copies your business needs to stay compliant with state and federal regulations

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