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If you run a company with multiple locations, you know it isn’t easy to keep every branch on the same page. Relying on paper-based documents to run your business can keep your enterprise from running the way you want. To keep every business informed and running the same way, you not only need multiple copies of every document required to keep the location running, but you also need the space to store those documents at each location as well. Eliminate the need for multiple copies, the space taken up by countless paper documents, and the cost of mailing copies between branches of your business by converting to paperless records.

When you switch to a paperless enterprise, you increase your company’s efficiency by removing the complications from paper. Instead of needing multiple copies of essential documents at each location, you can virtually consolidate all of your files into a convenient enterprise content management (ECM) program that allows your team to access the files they need from any computer. Working with large-scale scanning solutions also makes looking for the correct information easier for your entire company.

When your scanning services digitize your documents with advanced data capture systems, your files become searchable. You no longer need to dig through filing cabinets and read entire documents to find important information. Instead, your digital document management system keeps everything organized and gives you the ability to see the data you need with a simple search.

If you want your enterprise to run more efficiently and keep your team on the same page, you need to consider converting to a paperless system. At DocCapture, we can make the process simple by connecting you with the right local enterprise scanning service for your company. Every scanning service provider in our network has the tools to turn your pile of paper documents into a well-organized file management system built to optimize your company’s performance.

With optical character recognition and data capture technology supported by artificial intelligence, our partners have the scanning capability to handle anything you send their way. Just give them the files you want to be converted, and they’ll take care of the rest.

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How Can Enterprise Document Scanning Services Better Your Company?

Think about the amount of time you spend looking for the document you need to finish work for a client. Does it take longer than you think it should? If you still have to dig through countless filing cabinets and paper-based file folders, the probability of you spending too long dealing with paperwork is high. 

Not only does it take more time to search through paper documents, keeping physical copies of your enterprise documents on hand requires a large amount of storage area. You can free up space at your company and shorten the time you spend looking for the correct information by making your paper filing system a thing of the past.

Partnering with a company that offers enterprise-level scanning solutions can upgrade your business to the paperless status it deserves. Working with an outstanding scanning service can save your company space, time, and money. Instead of spending hours filing and sorting paper documents, all you need to do is set your paper aside for your scanning service and let them do the rest. 

Your scanning service will handle the conversion process, maintain your digital document management system, and store the physical copies of your enterprise documents. The result is more efficient document management that boosts your company’s productivity with easy data access via digital files.

Here's how the enterprise document scanning service works:

  • You start the process by loading all of your paper enterprise documents into a box or boxes labeled for your document scanning provider.
  • Then, the provider visits all of your company's locations to pick up the boxes and securely transports them to their scanning facility.
  • After the physical copies of your documents arrive at the scanning facility, your provider extracts data from your documents with scanners that use optical character recognition (OCR) and document capture software driven by artificial intelligence to scan and convert your files into your desired file format.
  • Once the scanning process is complete, the service transfers the digitized documents into the enterprise content management system (ECM) of your choice.
  • Following the scanning and filing process, the scanning service either shreds, stores, or returns the physical copies of your files in compliance with state and federal enterprise document regulations.

Hiring a scanning service relieves the pressure caused by paper documents from your company. With a paperless system, your workforce will have access to enterprise-level document management software, easy-to-navigate digital files, and a more organized workspace. Instead of working to ensure everyone has the proper documents, you can rest assured knowing that your entire team has access to the information they need, regardless of where they are. A digital system makes it possible for your enterprise to run smoothly and opens the possibilities of collaboration between your team members at multiple locations—including remote work.

How Can DocCapture Help Your Enterprise?

Keeping a business enterprise operating at a high level is hard enough without worrying about finding an exemplary enterprise document scanning service to convert your physical files into digital copies. At DocCapture, we connect you with scanning services with the right tools to optimize your company’s filing system. Because we have a nationwide network of local and regional providers, we are sure that we can find someone to manage your company’s paper-based files.

Working with one of our scanning solutions partners gives your company access to:

  • Convenient file conversion: the only thing you need to worry about in the scanning process is placing your paper-based documents into a box.
  • Enterprise-level content management systems: our network providers offer large-scale management systems that keep your documents organized and secure.
  • High-quality digitized documents: our scanning service partners use state-of-the-art document imaging software driven by artificial intelligence to create high-resolution files. Search, zoom, and share these enhanced digital copies of your enterprise documents with ease.
  • Secure and worry-free file storage: your scanning service will hold onto the physical copies of your documents and store them in compliance with state and federal enterprise document regulations.

Your enterprise deserves to run more efficiently. Partnering with one of DocCapture’s network providers gives your workforce a paperless document management system that improves their work environment. Access to this system will make your team more productive, efficient, and prepared to succeed at their jobs.

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