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Making your large format drawings manageable

Digital Drawings Make Large Format Drawings Easier to Manage

If you work in manufacturing, construction, engineering, architecture, or local government, you know how difficult it can be to read and use large-scale physical drawings. Blueprints and other technical drawings often need to be handled by multiple people on the job site and can quickly deteriorate through prolonged use. Also, it can be challenging to find enough space to read and examine these documents properly.

Converting your large-scale physical drawings into digital copies is a great way to make them more accessible and to protect them from damage. These copies improve worksite efficiency because they are easier to read and handle. One of the main problems with acquiring large image scans is finding quality large document imaging services. Many companies don’t have a scanner large enough to scan these documents properly and turn them into high-resolution images for customers.

At DocCapture, we search for reliable large document imaging services, so you don’t need to worry about it. Partnering with us gives you access to our network of local service providers that can solve your large-scale imaging needs—from scanning services to offsite storage systems. Our partner network includes large-scale document management systems nationwide that can help convert your large-scale drawings into crisp digital copies.

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Should You Convert Your Large Scale Drawings to Digital?

Many industries that utilize large-scale drawings daily are also based outdoors. When building and city planning sites are your offices, it isn't easy to transport, read, and protect large-scale drawings. On the other hand, digital images never fade and cannot be ripped or stained. Additionally, you can conveniently share digital files with everyone on the job site who needs them via email.

The right scanning company can handle the large-scale scanning services you require. Partnering with oversized document imaging services provides you with high-resolution copies of your large-scale drawings, and many also offer document storage and protection. Ultimately, digital copies offer a safer and more readily available option for your blueprints and technical plans.

How Can DocCapture Help?

At DocCapture, we know you are busy keeping your job site running smoothly, and you don’t have the time to search for large-scale document management solutions. We can make the scanning process more accessible by connecting you with one of our document management services nationwide.

We work with a network of local services to provide options for people needing digital copies of larger, technical drawings. Our network providers can offer image capture, storage, and document protection services that keep you focused on the job you need to accomplish.

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