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Could your company’s human resources department use a boost? If you work in HR, you know that your job revolves around paperwork. Incident forms, office-wide notices, and employee records can pile up quite quickly—making it difficult to manage files in an organized and efficient manner. When your paperwork starts to take precedence over the humans in your company, a change needs to happen. One great way to improve your HR file system is to hire a human resources document scanning service.

When you work with a scanning service, they take the burden of paper from you. These services take your physical files and turn them into digital documents. Instead of digging through countless filing cabinets to find the employee file you need, you can simply search for the data you are looking for in an easy-to-use document management system. Having a trusted scanning partner that securely handles your employee documents saves you the time you usually spend looking through files, opens up office space previously held by filing cabinets, and makes your job more manageable overall.

You should partner with us to switch to a paperless HR department. At DocCapture, we pair you with the right HR document scanning service for your company. Our nationwide network of local and regional scanning providers takes your sensitive information seriously and uses the highest level of care when handling your documents. When you work with one of our affiliates, you can have confidence that your data is being handled with the utmost integrity.

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Should You Switch to a Paperless HR Department?

Human resources departments need to focus on their employees, not the pile of papers on their desks or the countless folders in filing cabinets. When your HR department relies on paper documents, your company runs a higher risk of misfiled paperwork and mishandled information. Switching to a paperless system for your human resources department can reduce the probability of paperwork mishaps and increase productivity.

Choosing to hire a human resources document scanning service removes the stress caused by paper from your team. When you work with a scanning service, you can be confident that your employee files and other sensitive information is handled securely and confidentially.

Here is how the human resources document scanning process works.

  • You begin by placing the physical copies of your employee files, performance reviews, and other records into a box for pickup.
  • Your HR document scanning service then collects your boxes and transports them to their secure scanning facility.
  • After your paper documents arrive, the service processes the physical copies with scanners that utilize optical character recognition (OCR) and document imaging software powered by artificial intelligence to convert your HR documents into usable digital files.
  • Once the files are scanned, your scanning provider sorts the digital files into a digital document management system, which gives your HR department the ability to access and interact with employee files easily.
  • Following the creation of your document management system, the scanning service either shreds, stores, or returns your physical copies in compliance with state and federal regulations.

When you work with an HR file scanning service, your human resources department benefits from a secure file management system and gains the ability to handle employee interactions free of paper. The result is a more efficient and human-focused HR department that can focus on improving your company’s work culture.

How Can DocCapture Help You With the HR Document Scanning Process?

At DocCapture, we know that human resources departments are busy, which gives them little time to find someone to make the switch from paper to digital files. Partnering with us makes it possible for your HR department to convert their paper files to digital without having to take time out of their busy schedule to find the right human resources document scanning service. Our network of local and regional scanning providers offers the paperless solutions your department needs:

  • Confidential handling of sensitive employee information
  • An easy-to-use and secure digital file management system
  • Safe storage space for the physical copies of your documents

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