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Make your documents better by going paperless.

Paperless Documents Are a Solution for Governments

Papers and forms are fundamental to making local and state governments run properly. Every department has a list of required forms and documents they need to fill out and create daily to keep things in order and serve their citizens efficiently and effectively. Even though the documents are necessary to keep governments running properly, physical copies can also be a significant obstacle for them to overcome. From limited storage space to misfiled documents, physical copies of forms and other government documents can hinder productivity.

Hiring a document scanning service is the answer to eliminating problems caused by physical documents. These services remove the burden of paper files by scanning and converting your government documents into digital copies. This conversion gives your government office the ability to save space, centralize files, and improve interactions with constituents through virtual forms and a digital document management system. Government document scanning services also offer secure storage of physical copies when needed and safely handle sensitive information.

To make the process of finding a government document scanning provider easier, partner with DocCapture. Our nationwide network of local and regional scanning service providers has the right resources to help you transition to paperless documents effectively. With optical character recognition (OCR) scanners and digital imaging services powered by AI, our affiliated scanning services turn your paper documents into easily searchable and interactable files and forms. These digital copies, coupled with a centralized document management system, will allow your government to serve your citizens better.

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Should You Partner with a Scanning Service to Make the Switch to Paperless Documents?

Paper documents can be challenging to handle, organize, and maintain. Between the possibility of misfiled documents and susceptibility to destruction, relying on physical copies of important government forms and files can cause problems for your government office or agency. Converting things like vehicle registrations, recreational permits, marriage certificates, etc. to digital copies gives you and your constituents the ability to access and complete forms more simply and efficiently.

Partnering with a scanning service empowers your department to transfer legacy documents and convert current forms into easily usable digital copies on a large scale. A professional document conversion service is prepared to handle thousands of records at a time to make the process efficient and straightforward for your organization. This strategy cuts down on the time you need to collect files and quickly frees up storage space in your offices.

Here is how the government document scanning process works:

  • You begin by collecting all of the documents and forms you want to be converted by your scanning service and box them for transport.
  • The service then travels to your government office, collects the files you prepared, and safely transports them to its secure scanning facility.
  • Once the files arrive, the scanning provider converts your physical copies into digital files via equipment that utilizes optical character recognition and document imaging software powered by artificial intelligence to make your paperless documents both searchable and interactive. 
  • After the scanning process is complete, the scanning service compiles the files into a simplified document management system that centralizes your government’s document database.
  • Following the creation of your document management system, your scanning provider either shreds, stores, or returns your physical copies in compliance with state and federal government regulations.

When you choose to work with a professional scanning service provider, your government office will benefit significantly from convenient digital documents, a centralized file database, and the option for long-term off-site storage. These features make it possible for your local or state government agency to spend less time dealing with paperwork and more time focusing on what matters most—your citizens.

How Can DocCapture Help You Make the Paperless Transition?

At DocCapture, we understand that your state or local government agency is busy serving your constituents, and looking for a reliable document conversion service is low on the priority list. That’s why we partner with you to find the perfect scanning solution for your needs. Our network of highly-qualified local and regional scanning providers has the resources needed to help your government run more efficiently and effectively.

When you partner with one of our affiliated scanning partners, you receive:

  • Safe and secure transport and conversion of your sensitive documents
  • An easy-to-use centralized document management system
  • Searchable and interactive digital file copies
  • Long-term file storage options

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