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Go paperless and reduce the risk in your loan processes.

Switching to Paperless Loan Documents Will Help Your Business

Are you currently working with a pile of papers stacked up around your desk? Many financial institutions still rely on paper loan documents and struggle with the number of records they need to file and organize daily into filing cabinets. Filling out and filing loan applications and contracts without digital assistance is time-consuming and inefficient, increasing the risk of misfiling paperwork. 

Consider hiring a comprehensive document scanning service to free your bank, credit union, or loan office from its dependence on paper loan documents.

Partnering with loan document scanning services can free your company from the tiresome process of working with physical loan documents. Scanning services convert your paper loan documents, client records, and customer bank documents into a comprehensive document management system. Digital loan documents allow for a more convenient application and review process for your customers. Switching to a paperless system also eliminates the risk of misfiling or accidentally destroying physical documents.

At DocCapture, we help you transition to paperless by partnering you with an exceptional loan document scanning service. Our nationwide network of local and regional scanning companies provides outstanding solutions to your paper problem. 

When you hire a professional scanning company, they remove the burden of paper documents by creating high-quality digital copies and securely storing your physical copies according to federal regulations.

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Is a Loan Document Scanning Service the Right Option for Your Loan Business?

Relying on paper to handle your loan applications and contracts is time-consuming and tedious. Additionally, your financial business is more likely to misfile paperwork or have clients fill out loan applications incorrectly when you work with physical documents.

Consider a loan document scanning service to reduce the time spent during the application process and avoid the risk of paperwork problems.

Hiring a scanning service frees your financial institution from tiring paperwork and makes the loan application process much more efficient. From the initial application to the signing of trailing digital documents, a loan document scanning provider revolutionizes how your business approaches the loan process. 

Here's how the loan document scanning process works:

  • Gather all of the loan documents on file and the physical forms you want to be converted, and box them for the scanning service to collect.
  • Your loan document scanning service then collects your files and transports them to their secure scanning facility.
  • After the documents arrive, the service scans the physical copies with equipment that uses optical character recognition (OCR) and document imaging software powered by artificial intelligence to convert your loan documents into usable digital files.
  • Once the scans are complete, your scanning provider sorts your files into a comprehensive document management system. This lets your company easily access digital documents and offer virtual loan services.
  • Following the creation of your document management system, the scanning service either shreds, stores, or returns your physical copies in compliance with state and federal regulations.

When you work with a professional file scanning service, your business’s loan process becomes easier for your team and your clients. Digital loan files make it possible to break away from the routine paper application process and provide your business with a more efficient loan experience.

How Can DocCapture Help You With the Loan Document Scanning Process?

At DocCapture, we know your time is best spent running your business, and finding a loan document scanning service probably isn’t at the top of your priority list. Partnering with us eliminates your need to look for a scanning service because we take care of it for you. Our nationwide network of local and regional loan scanning providers offers the paperless solutions your business needs:

  • Comprehensive document management and loan scanning services.
  • Virtual loan application and contract signing processes, from the initial application to the trailing documents.
  • Safe and secure storage for your physical loan documents.

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