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Improve performance with paperless records.

Boost Efficiency with Paperless Documents

Does every office at your financial institution have a wall of filing cabinets filled with client files? Many banks, credit unions, and other financial institutions rely on paper documents for most of their business. Physical account applications, loan services, and mortgage contracts limit your company’s reach by making clients apply in person. This system may have been the best option in the past, but it still leaves room for misfiled paperwork—not to mention that these paper documents occupy a large amount of space.

Switching from paper documents to digital files makes the need for extra filing cabinets and complex management systems obsolete. In addition to opening office space by removing banks of filing cabinets from your institution, your staff will benefit from an easy-to-use document management system. Each paper document becomes a searchable file once they are converted to digital, eliminating the need for reading through multiple pages to locate the information you need. Digitized documents also make it easier for clients to fill out applications, make virtual deposits, and review financial contracts.

Converting your documents and filing systems to digital opens the possibility to increase your financial institution’s efficiency and productivity, and DocCapture can help you make that transition. At DocCapture, we help you find the right financial document scanning services to make your paperless conversion possible. Our network of outstanding local and regional scanning service providers takes your physical files and transforms them into an easy-to-manage digital file system tailored to your company.

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The Best Document Scanning Services for Financial Institutions

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Should You Make the Switch to Paperless?

Working with paper files every day can not only be tedious, but it can also be costly for your financial institution. The more time your staff spends searching for the paperwork they need, the less time they have to focus on what truly matters—your clients. Keeping paper documents around your office can also lead to cluttered workspaces, misfiled documents, and entirely too many filing cabinets. When you make the switch to digital files, these paper-based headaches disappear.

Partnering with a financial document scanning service opens the opportunity for your company to increase productivity by decreasing the time they spend looking through papers. Additionally, when you work with a scanning service, they remove the responsibility of storage and regulatory compliance by properly handling the physical copies of your documents.

Here is how financial document scanning services process your paper files:

  • First, you box all of your paper documents to prepare them for pickup—including mortgage documents, loan documents, and client records.
  • Once you have prepared your files for pickup, your document scanning service loads your boxes into a truck and safely transports them to a secure scanning facility.
  • After the boxes arrive at the scanning facility, your provider uses scanners with optical character recognition (OCR) to convert your paper financial documents into your desired file format.
  • The new files are then organized into an electronic file management system of your choice and are ready to be used by your financial institution.
  • Then the scanning service either shreds, stores, or returns your physical copies in compliance with state and federal financial document regulations.

Utilizing a document scanning service puts your financial institution in a better position to keep your clients happy and run more efficiently. Without paper slowing down your company’s workflow, your team can concentrate on the most important aspect of your business—your clients

How Can DocCapture Help Your Financial Institution?

At DocCapture, we understand that finding the right financial document scanning service to handle your files is a time-consuming process. That’s why we have created a dependable network of local and regional scanning services. By working with us, we can partner you with the proper provider for your financial institution.

Our providers offer various scanning services to meet your needs, including:

  • Mortgage Document Scanning: Eliminate the need for keeping thousands of pages worth of mortgage documents on hand by creating searchable, digitized mortgage documents.
  • Loan Document Scanning: Remove the hassle of keeping physical copies of loan applications and documents with loan document scanning services.
  • Client Record Scanning: Easily review client records with an organized and searchable digital file management system.

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