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At DocCapture, we make going paperless straightforward and pain-free. We connect you with secure, pre-vetted document scanning companies in your area to save you money and give you peace of mind.

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Relying on paper documents can cause major issues for your business. Paper costs companies thousands of dollars annually, from searching for misplaced physical documents to accidentally destroying files. Going paperless and transitioning to a digital document management system will revolutionize file handling.

We Get It

At DocCapture, we understand that you're busy running your company and need to focus your time on more important things than eliminating paper from the office. To help you out, we've teamed up with scanning services around the country to find the best business document scanning services for your business. Our network of professional document scanning companies relies on state-of-the-art technology to handle your data safely and securely across any industry.


Every document scanning provider in our network has the right tools to meet all of your scanning needs, whether you need thousands or millions of documents converted to digital images. Our affiliated providers also implement the latest professional document scanners with built-in AI technology and optical character recognition to convert your documents into searchable, well-organized digital files.


In addition to convenience, our network providers offer top-of-the-line security measures to maintain your privacy. Each scanning service company maintains secure facilities for both your physical and digital copies. High-tech physical security measures keep your stored documents safe, including digitally secured locks, high-definition security cameras, and break-in sensors. At the same time, secure firewalls and private networks protect your digital copies from cybersecurity threats.


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Where Shall We Begin?

It’s Time to Go Paperless

Make Your Business Better By Ditching Paper

Imagine an office that runs smoothly and efficiently, where the need to rifle through countless files to find a single document no longer exists. Hiring a reputable document scanning service can make that dream a reality. All of your analog files are converted into easily searchable digital documents that cannot be physically misplaced or destroyed. This digital storage system will give you peace of mind about losing or damaging files and improve the efficiency of your office by removing the need to search through countless files to find information.

Instead of stressing about reducing storage and paper usage, cut it out entirely by teaming up with DocCapture to find a professional enterprise document scanning service.

Professional scanning services will pick up paper documents from your office and convert these documents into digital, searchable files with significantly less cost and turnaround time than you could manage on your own.

Your One-Stop Shop for Document Scanning

Why Choose DocCapture?

DocCapture revolutionizes how businesses handle paper documents by seamlessly transitioning them into digital formats. We connect you with local, pre-vetted partners specializing in scanning services that ensure your scanning project transforms paper documents into digital assets with precision and care. This digital transformation isn't just about converting scanned images—it's a gateway to enhanced business processes, offering cost savings and freeing up valuable space once consumed by filing cabinets and storage boxes.

Our partners manage every aspect of record management, enabling your team to easily access electronic files without sifting through piles of paper. This streamlined access is convenient and a strategic advantage that significantly saves time and reduces storage costs.

With DocCapture, a scanning project organizes and integrates your scanned and digitized documents into your systems, enhancing customer service and operational efficiency. The transition from physical to digital is a cornerstone of digital transformation, enabling you to oversee your documents more effectively and with greater cost savings.

Embrace the future, where DocCapture is a pivotal step towards modernizing your business process. It will allow you to save time, reduce clutter, and focus on what truly matters—growing your business and better serving your customers.