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Improve Your Firm’s Performance With Legal Scanning Services

Are your law office’s records easily accessible and organized with confidence? If your firm currently depends on paper documents, the chances are that there is room for improvement. Using paper for your legal documents and case files opens the possibility of mismanagement of documents and improperly organized case files. A paper document management system can cause you to take more time than necessary when researching a client’s case and affect how well you perform in the courtroom.

To better serve your clients and improve the quality of your law firm, consider going paperless. When you convert paper types of documents to digital files, your firm no longer needs to rely on a bank of filing cabinets to organize and store your case files. Instead, your law office benefits from a digital document management system that makes storing and retrieving your legal documents as clear as black and white. Partnering with a legal document scanning service also gives you peace of mind with secure storage options to handle the transfer, filing, and storage of your paper documents.

If you're thinking about switching to a paperless office, partner with us at DocCapture. We remove the hassle of finding the right scanning service from the equation by providing you with the right legal document scanning service for your firm’s scanning project. Our nationwide network of local and regional scanning providers has the necessary resources to safely and securely transform your physical and legal documents into high-quality digital files. Making this document conversion will allow your firm to focus its years of experience on the case instead of worrying about maintaining a paper document management system.

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Should You Convert Your Legal Documents & Case Files Into Digital Files?

Take a moment to think about the things that distract you from serving your clients in the best way possible. Is the paperwork surrounding your firm’s legal cases one of those distractions? Paper documents distract you from more important aspects of your job, are costly to maintain, and take up valuable space in your office.

Working with a legal document scanning service can transform your paper-filled office into a more efficient work environment. With digital files, you can access client information, case files, and other legal documents with the click of a mouse instead of digging through piles of papers or searching through endless drawers of filing cabinets. Partnering with a scanning provider also offers the peace of mind that comes from knowing your physical documents are correctly and securely stored.

Here's how the legal document scanning process works:

  • First, you place all of your client information, case files, photographs, etc., into a box for the scanning service to retrieve.
  • The service then visits your office and loads your documents into a vehicle for transport to their secure scanning facility.
  • Once the files arrive, workers convert your physical documents to usable digital files via scanners that utilize optical recognition technology (OCR) and digital imaging software powered by artificial intelligence.
  • After scanning your physical copies, the service compiles the digitized documents into a comprehensive document management system. This allows your law firm to access client information, research, and case files quickly and securely.
  • Following the creation of your document management system, your scanning service either shreds, stores, or returns your physical copies in compliance with state and federal document regulations.

By partnering with a professional legal document scanning service, your firm no longer needs to worry about what filing cabinet to search through or if client information is handled correctly. As a result, your firm can spend its time focusing on what matters most—your clients.

How Can DocCapture Help Your Firm Hire a Legal Document Scanning Service?

Working in the law profession is a fast-paced and demanding occupation—the last thing you want to worry about is how your firm handles paper documents. At DocCapture, we can help you by removing the responsibility of finding an appropriate legal document scanning service for you. Our nationwide network of highly qualified local and regional scanning providers has the resources you need to make your firm operate more efficiently by going paperless.

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