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Paperless charts make record-keeping easy.

Transitioning to Paperless Patient Files Will Make Your Facility Better

Working in the medical field is a high-pressure environment—the last thing your staff needs to worry about is if they have the correct patient’s chart when performing a procedure. With paper charts, the chances of misfiling and switching patient information is much higher than when working with a paperless system. Having the wrong chart when visiting patients can result in serious problems like administering inappropriate medications, performing the incorrect procedure, or even an improper diagnosis. 

To eliminate the problems caused by paper, you should consider hiring a medical document scanning service to convert your facility’s patient records. A professional document scanning service can improve client interactions by providing convenient, simple-to-use, and comprehensive digital patient files. Converting to an electronic health record (EHR) system also allows your staff to access medical history, current medications, insurance providers, and other vital patient information in one place. 

To make your medical facility’s transition to paperless client records easier, partner with us at DocCapture. We eliminate your need for locating a professional, HIPAA-compliant scanning service by finding them for you. Our nationwide network of highly-qualified medical document scanning services has the knowledge and tools to turn your old filing method into a state-of-the-art EHR system. All you need to do is give the files to your scanning provider, and they take care of the rest.

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Is Switching to a Paperless System the Right Move for Your Medical Records?

Medical workers have an incredible amount of pressure on them to make the right decision—in some cases, their choices can be the difference between life and death. A mishandled chart should never be the reason your staff makes the wrong decision about a client’s treatment. If your facility still relies on paper patient records, the possibility of making a mistake due to improper information is higher than with paperless patient files.

When you partner with a medical record scanning service, your paper charts are converted into a simple-to-use electronic health record system. Patient information like allergies, previous operations, current medications, etc., are all located in one place and accessible by your team members caring for the patient. Your staff can also actively update information in real-time—making it easier to keep everyone at your medical organization on the same page.

Here is how the medical record scanning process works:

  • Your facility boxes your patient files to prepare them for your medical document scanning service.
  • The service then visits your location and loads the paper copies of your documents into a vehicle for transport to their secure scanning facility.
  • After the patient information reaches their facility, the service converts the physical copies into electronic health records via equipment with optical character recognition (OCR) and document imaging software powered by artificial intelligence.
  • Once the scans are complete, the provider sorts your scanned medical documents into an EHR filing system, putting all your patient information in one convenient location.
  • Finally, the service then shreds, stores, or returns your healthcare organization’s records in compliance with HIPAA regulations.

Converting to digital patient files empowers your medical facility to become the best version of itself. The convenience and ease of using an electronic health records (EHR) system make it possible for your staff to dedicate more time to their patients and less time worrying about paperwork.

How Can DocCapture Help Your Medical Practice or Healthcare Organization?

At DocCapture, we understand the pressure you have to provide the best medical care for your patients, which can keep you from taking the time to find a way to digitally convert your entire record-keeping system. That’s why we take the responsibility of finding an exemplary scanning service from you by connecting you with one of our affiliated local or regional medical document scanning partners.

Our scanning service providers offer you:

  • Integration with industry-leading EHR systems
  • Easy-to-access digital patient files
  • Safe and secure physical document storage.

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