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Business Document Scanning

Improve your business with the document scanning solutions you need to bring your company into the digital age. Turning business documents, applications, and records into digital storage files improves your workplace efficiency by allowing you to search, find, and share with the click of a button. Reduce storage space and take back your office. At DocCapture, we connect you with digitizing services that transfer your paper documents to digital files on a large scale.


Enterprise Document Scanning

Transform your paper-based filing system by converting it into a digital enterprise content management system. Working with DocCapture gives you the power to digitize your document management system and increase efficiency through technology. Shifting from paper to digital increases the ability to access the information you need and maintains legacy record compliance without the need for extensive storage space.


Digital Mailroom / Mail Scanning

Transform your paper-based filing system with DocCapture. We connect you to premium scanning services that convert physical mail into digital images. This transition to a digital enterprise content management system enhances access to and sharing of searchable documents and reduces storage needs. Your originals are securely destroyed post-scanning, in compliance with your regulations, safeguarding sensitive information and decluttering your office.

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Large Format Scanning Services

Turn large-format documents like blueprints and engineering drawings into easy-to-use digital copies by working with DocCapture. Transferring from print to digital large format copies makes it easier to access, read, and use your documents on a screen instead of working with oversized paper. At DocCapture, we find and pair you with industry-leading experts in digital transfer services that turn your physical drawings into quality digital files.

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Scanning Solutions to Solve Paper Problems

Paper documents can bog down your business with complex filing systems, limited storage, and time-consuming searches for specific information. At DocCapture, we know you have local digital scanning services in your area, but finding the perfect fit for your business can be challenging. DocCapture eliminates the struggle of finding the right digital scanning service by connecting you with local, top-tier providers.

Partner with us to transition from paper to a modern digital storage system. We pair you with local, industry-leading document conversion providers within our network that transform your paper documents into easy-to-use document management systems. Your pages turn into digital images using OCR technology, meaning large-format drawings, photos, and even mixed media become part of an easy-to-search and find digital document management system.

Here's how the document scanning process works:

  • You package the paper documents, large format drawings, legal/medical records, images, etc. in a box for your file scanning service to pick up.
  • Your document scanning service picks up your documents and safely transfers them to a secure conversion facility.
  • Your paper documents are then scanned and converted into your desired file format.
  • The scanning service then organizes the new digital files into the electronic document management system of your choice.
  • Once your files are scanned and converted, your provider securely destroys original documents as per regulations or stores/returns them as needed.

Say goodbye to cluttered paper filing systems. Document scanning services not only reduce storage space but also enhance office efficiency and ease of accessing information. Our partners guide you through the entire process, ensuring your business smoothly transitions to a high-functioning digital document management system.

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