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Decrease Your Dependence on Paper and Increase Your Flexibility

As a professional in the mortgage industry, you already know how much paper you go through in a day. With lengthy applications and contracts the length of chapter books, it’s easy to become overwhelmed by the stacks of paper that can pile up around you throughout the day. Physical mortgage documents not only take a significant amount of time to organize—but they also cost your business valuable office space with the numerous filing cabinets you need to store the papers. Additionally, the size of these documents also restricts where you work with customers.

Transitioning your mortgage company or financial institution toward a paperless system can free your business from the burden of paper documents. When you work with a qualified document scanning service, your company will no longer need to waste hours waiting on the printer, hunt for space in the filing cabinet, or make customers travel to the office to sign paperwork. A scanning service partner will supply your business with high-quality, easily-accessible digital copies accessed via a virtual document management system. Making the switch to a paperless system will increase the flexibility of your office by allowing customers to digitally review and sign mortgage documents—all while freeing up storage space previously designated for paper documents.

To start your transition from paper to digital documents, partner with DocCapture. Our nationwide network of local and regional document scanning providers has answers for your paper problem. When you work with one of our affiliated service providers, you gain access to a reliable service that works hard to efficiently digitize your mortgage documents and maintain your physical copies in compliance with federal and state mortgage regulations.

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Should You Hire a Mortgage Document Scanning Service Company?

Time and convenience are two of the most valuable qualities of any business. You can provide outstanding service, but if customers feel inconvenienced by the process, they may not remain loyal to your company. In the mortgage industry, relying on paper documents increases the amount of time your customers have to spend in your office, which decreases the convenience of your services. Transitioning from paper to digital copies turns the mortgage process into a more convenient and less time-consuming process.

Hiring a mortgage document scanning service is the easiest way to move away from paper. These services take the physical copies of your loan documents and confidentially convert them into usable digital copies. Your customers will no longer need to visit your office or flip through hundreds of pages to find where they need to sign with digital versions of your mortgage documents, which saves them time and makes the mortgage process simpler.

Here is how the mortgage document scanning process works:

  • You package physical copies of your mortgage and loan documents into a box for the service provider to pick up.
  • The provider then travels to your office, loads your documents into a vehicle, and transports them to a secure scanning facility.
  • After your documents arrive at the facility, your provider uses scanners with optical character recognition (OCR) and document imaging software powered by artificial intelligence to convert your paper files into usable digital documents.
  • Once the scans are complete, the service sorts your files into the document management system of your choice and prepares them for use by your company.
  • Following the digitization of your files, the service either shreds, stores, or returns your physical copies in compliance with state and federal document regulations.

Partnering with a mortgage document scanning service puts your mortgage company or financial institution in a better position to make your clients happy and simplify the mortgage process. Without paper slowing your team down, they can focus on an essential part of your business—your clients.

How Can DocCapture Help With the Mortgage Document Scanning Process?

At DocCapture, we understand that you are busy making your business run, and you don’t have the time to find and hire an exemplary scanning service for your business. That’s why we have created a nationwide network of local and regional mortgage document scanning services. When you partner with us, we can pair you with an outstanding scanning service to help you make the transition to paperless documents.

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