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Turn paper documents into digital electronic files that are instantly accessible from virtually any device.

Simplify Your Office by Eliminating Paper

The world is becoming more competitive every day, no matter your business. And running that business involves a constant stream of contracts, mail, invoices, orders, receipts, and other paper documents.

Look around your office, and you’ll see piles of physical documents, file cabinets full of paper, and boxes stacked ceiling-high with old records you must keep. You have an organizational system, but things get misfiled, lost, or accidentally destroyed. What about that important paperwork you need for your accountant? Who knows where that got to...

Then there’s the loss of productivity as your staff hunts for the paper documents they need. Studies show that most won’t find them when they really need them.

There’s a simple, efficient solution... Document Scanning Services

By taking advantage of document imaging, which turns your paper documents into digital images, your staff becomes more efficient, and your documents are instantly accessible. Need that contract now? No more rifling through file cabinets or inboxes—you can search for and find what you need in your digital storage in seconds.

Business document scanning services easily take your current office into the digital age. Instead of searching through piles of paper to find information, you simply log into your digital document management system and perform an easy search through your library of files that have been organized for simple access.

Imagine having every receipt you need for tax deductions at your fingertips. And when a client has a question about a past transaction, the information you need is just a mouse click or tap away—talk about customer service.

Transform Your Office with Premier Document Scanning Services

Stacks of paperwork and outdated filing systems are inconvenient and a significant bottleneck to business efficiency. At DocCapture, we understand that the future of business is digital. That's why we connect you with local, pre-vetted companies specializing in converting your cumbersome paper documents into streamlined, digital electronic files.

Whether you're dealing with legal documents, medical records, or large-format documents, our partners are equipped to handle scanning projects of any scale, ensuring your documents are scanned, digitized, and organized with precision.

Tailored Scanning Solutions for Every Business Need

Every business is unique, and so are its document management needs. DocCapture's network of professional scanning service providers understands this, offering customized solutions that fit your specific requirements.

From high-volume scanning projects to delicate historical document preservation, our partners ensure your documents are handled with care and converted into high-quality digital formats. This transition frees up physical space and secures your data against physical degradation and loss.

Seamless Integration into Your Business Workflow

Our commitment at DocCapture is to make your transition to a paperless office as smooth as possible. After our partners scan and digitize your documents, they’re uploaded into an electronic file management system. This system integrates seamlessly with your existing infrastructure, allowing easy access and efficient document retrieval. You can quickly locate any document with a simple keyword search, reducing the time your team spends searching for information and significantly boosting productivity.

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Securely Access Documents from Anywhere

It's Friday evening, and you're checking your email. You see one from an angry customer with a question about a contract. With your current setup, you stress about it all weekend, maybe even losing sleep, before you can get into the office on Monday to review the paperwork.

With digital files, those sorts of problems can be solved immediately. From your home computer, phone, or tablet, the scanned image of that contract is instantly accessible. Customers today, whether your business deals directly with consumers, business-to-business, or both, demand fast, efficient customer service, or they will take their business elsewhere—to that competitor that already has their documents scanned.


Improve Your Security and Compliance with Confidence

Security concerns and compliance requirements are paramount for businesses everywhere. DocCapture and our network of service providers adhere to the strictest security protocols to ensure your digital documents are safe from unauthorized access and breaches.

Whether you must comply with HIPAA for medical records, CCPA for data protection, or any other regulatory standards, our partners provide scanning solutions that meet these requirements. Moreover, we offer services to securely destroy or store original documents after they have been digitized, aligning with legal and corporate regulatory policies.


DocCapture Helps You Create the Efficient Office of Your Dreams

It's time to let go of the nightmare that paper has created. At DocCapture, we match you with the perfect local document-scanning business to save you money, time, and client relationships. All of our partners scan your documents with optical character recognition (OCR) to turn your physical business documents—including receipts, invoices, and oversized documents such as architectural drawings and images—into searchable digital files.

Then, all your files are loaded into an easy-to-use document management system that makes searching your entire business document library simple and allows those with the proper credentials to access what they need securely.

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How the Document Scanning Process Works

Turning paper documents into digital files is an easy way to increase the efficiency of your business, no matter what your business is. You’ll be able to reduce storage by getting rid of that expensive storage unit and those banks of file cabinets. With all the time your staff saves, you’ll even be able to hire more efficiently.

Instantly accessible electronic files from virtually any device mean your staff can spend time on what really counts: growing your business and making it more profitable. Instead of trying to find that business lunch receipt from six months ago, they can ensure your customers are happy and encourage repeat business.

The Process is Simple

Document scanning services turn your paper documents into digital files in the format you choose, such as Word or PDF. You probably have a high volume of paper in those file cabinets and cardboard boxes. Scanning these yourself could take months or even years. Our document imaging specialists take the scanning work off your plate to produce clear digital images through OCR.

Here’s how it works:

  1. Prepare your documents by identifying the paper records you want to scan and store—invoices, receipts, medical records, or any other business document—and package them in boxes.
  2. The scanning service picks up your boxes and transports them to a secure facility for document imaging.
  3. The provider scans your paper files with an OCR scanner, which converts your document into the file format of your choice.
  4. Then, the new digital copies of your paper documents are sorted into your chosen electronic document management system—this system makes your records easy to access.
  5. After your files are scanned and converted, your scanning service either securely destroys, stores, or returns your physical copies in compliance with state and federal regulations.

With document scanning services, you don’t have to worry about filing documents in the correct location or storing them for the required time because the document scanning service complies with state and federal regulations, including HIPAA. It removes the stress of file maintenance and lets you and your staff concentrate on what leads to business success—your customers.

Why Your Business Needs DocCapture

At DocCapture, we know you’ve worked hard to build your business, and your time is best spent pursuing growth and success. You don’t need to add to staff inefficiency by having them spend weeks looking for the best document scanning services in your area.

DocCapture creates business efficiency instantly by connecting your business with the best document imaging services in your area. Our network of scanning service providers is equipped with the latest technology for high-volume scanning, which means you get fast turnaround from a secure facility, reduce file storage costs and staff time, and emerge triumphant from those mountains of paper.

Dedicated Support and Expertise

Choosing DocCapture means gaining a partner dedicated to your success. Our team of experts provides ongoing support throughout your document scanning project, ensuring any challenges are addressed swiftly. They understand the importance of maintaining continuity and accessibility during the digital transition and are always ready to assist with any questions or concerns.

Realize the Benefits of Going Digital

The advantages of converting your paper documents into digital files extend beyond mere convenience. It’s about transforming your business operations for better agility and competitiveness in a digital-first world. Digital documents are easier to share, secure, and analyze. This accessibility empowers your team to make quicker, more informed decisions, enhancing customer service and business responsiveness.

Join Other Successful Businesses

Many of our clients have witnessed remarkable transformations in their operational efficiency after switching to digital document management. These success stories span various industries, from healthcare facilities reducing patient wait times through faster information retrieval to architectural firms enhancing collaboration across sites with instant access to digital blueprints.

Ready to Transform Your Office?

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