How Scanning Documents Can Speed Up Loan Processing and Account Opening

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March 21, 2023

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In today's fast-paced world, customers expect a quick and hassle-free experience when it comes to banking and financial services. This includes everything from opening a new account to applying for a loan. However, traditional paper-based processes can be time-consuming, manual, and prone to errors, leading to customer frustration and dissatisfaction. In this digital age, financial institutions need to leverage technology to improve the customer experience, and one such solution is document scanning.

What is Document Scanning & Why Should Financial Institutions Care

Document scanning is the process of converting physical paper documents into digital images using specialized scanners and software. These digital files can be stored, managed, and accessed electronically, enabling faster processing, easy sharing, and reduced errors. With document scanning, financial institutions can speed up loan processing and account opening, resulting in faster approvals and better service for customers.

Partnering with a Document Scanning Company

Partnering with a document scanning company can provide several benefits to financial institutions. These include:

  • Increased Efficiency - Document scanning eliminates the need for manual data entry, reducing the time and effort required to process loan applications and account openings. With digital files, staff can quickly search, retrieve, and share documents, leading to improved productivity and reduced processing times.
  • Improved Accuracy - Manual data entry can lead to errors, leading to delays and customer frustration. With document scanning, data can be automatically extracted and verified, reducing the risk of errors and ensuring accurate data entry.
  • Cost Savings - Traditional paper-based processes are expensive, requiring storage space, printing, and shipping costs. Document scanning eliminates these costs, leading to cost savings and improved profitability.
  • Better Customer Service - Faster processing times and reduced errors result in better customer service and improved customer satisfaction. Customers appreciate quick and hassle-free service and are more likely to recommend and return to financial institutions that provide excellent service.

Document Scanning by the Numbers

Document scanning has already proven to be a significant contributor to improving customer experience.

According to a study by AIIM, a global association of information management professionals, 72% of organizations said that digitizing paper documents improves customer response times and satisfaction levels. Furthermore, 62% reported an improvement in customer satisfaction levels, and 33% saw an increase in customer retention rates.

Additionally, a separate study by the Aberdeen Group revealed that companies with document scanning capabilities experienced a 23% reduction in turnaround time for loan applications.

Real World Examples

Several financial institutions have already successfully streamlined their document management processes and improved customer satisfaction by partnering with document scanning companies.

For example, BankSouth, a community bank based in Georgia, partnered with a scanning company to digitize their loan files, resulting in faster processing times, improved accuracy, and better service for customers.

Similarly, American Lending Solutions, a mortgage lender, reduced their loan processing time by 50% after digitizing their loan files.


What is document scanning in the context of loan processing, and how can it help speed up the process?
Document scanning involves converting paper documents into a digital format using a scanner. This process can help speed up loan processing by streamlining the documentation process, reducing the need for manual data entry and review and enabling faster access to critical information.

What are the benefits of scanning loan documents instead of relying on paper-based documentation?
Scanning documents can help reduce errors, improve compliance, and speed up processing times. Digital documents can also be easily shared, reviewed, and signed electronically, helping to streamline workflow and improve overall efficiency in loan processing.

How can electronic document management systems (EDMS) help with loan processing?
An EDMS can help automate the document capture process, making it simpler and faster to scan, store, and retrieve loan applications and related documentation. This can help reduce processing times and improve customer satisfaction.

How can scanning documents improve loan processing for lenders?
Scanning documents can help lenders reduce their workload, reduce processing times, and improve accuracy by ensuring that all relevant documentation is captured and stored in a centralized digital database.

Are there any potential downsides to relying on scanning documents for loan processing?
While scanning documents can help streamline the loan processing process, it requires an investment in technology, training, and infrastructure. Additionally, digital documents can be vulnerable to cyberattacks and other security risks, and organizations must take steps to protect sensitive information at all times.


Document scanning is a powerful tool that financial institutions can use to improve the customer experience, speed up loan processing and account opening, and increase profitability. It enables faster processing times, improved accuracy, cost savings, and better customer service.

By partnering with reliable and experienced document scanning companies, financial institutions can unlock the benefits of digitization and stay ahead in the competitive and fast-paced banking industry.

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