Understanding Document Scanning Prices: A Detailed Guide

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January 26, 2024

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The digital transformation of businesses has made document scanning an essential process. However, understanding document scanning prices can be complex, with various factors influencing the cost. This guide aims to demystify these factors, helping you make informed decisions about your document scanning needs.

Document Scanning Prices

Factors Influencing Scanning Prices

  1. Type of Scanning: The nature of the documents (size, color, complexity) impacts the price.
  2. Volume: Higher volumes often attract lower per-page prices due to economies of scale.
  3. Condition of Documents: Fragile or damaged documents may require special handling, increasing costs.
  4. Additional Services: Services like indexing, OCR (Optical Character Recognition), and special formatting add to the cost.

Types of Scanning and Their Impact on Cost

  • Standard Scanning: Basic scanning of standard-sized, well-conditioned documents is generally the most economical.
  • Specialized Scanning: Large format, color scanning, or documents requiring special care can increase the price.

Volume and Bulk Discounts

  • The more pages you need scanned, the lower the per-page cost might be. Bulk discounts are common in the scanning industry.

Additional Services and Their Costs

  • Services like OCR, indexing, and secure destruction of physical documents post-scanning can add to the base price.

Choosing a Scanning Service Provider

What to Look for

  1. Quality and Accuracy: Ensure high-quality, accurate scans.
  2. Security and Confidentiality: The provider should have protocols to safeguard your documents.
  3. Customization: Look for providers offering services tailored to your specific needs.

Comparing Prices

  • Always compare quotes from multiple providers to ensure competitive pricing and services that match your requirements.

Budgeting for Document Scanning

Understanding Pricing Models

  • Per-Page Pricing: Most common, where you're charged for each page scanned.
  • Project-Based Pricing: For large, complex projects, a total project cost may be more appropriate.

Tips for Budgeting

  • Assess your exact needs to avoid unnecessary services.
  • Consider long-term savings against the initial investment in scanning.


Understanding document scanning prices is key to making cost-effective decisions for your digital transformation needs. Fill out our "get a quote" form. By considering the type of scanning, volume, and additional services, you can budget appropriately and choose the right service provider.