What is Digital Mailroom Automation?

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February 14, 2023

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The digital transformation of the workplace has been an ongoing process for over a decade. As more and more companies embrace remote working, the need to automate manual processes in order to improve customer service and business productivity is becoming increasingly important. One such process is digital mailroom automation, which can revolutionize how incoming mail enters your organization.

What Enterprises Need to Know About Digital Mailroom Automation

Digital mailroom automation refers to the automated processing of both paper and electronic mail received by an organization. This type of automation eliminates manual mail processes and replaces them with digital mailroom workflows that are designed to streamline response times, reduce costs, and improve outcomes.

In essence, digital mailroom automation involves using automation software to capture and process any incoming mail—from physical letters to emails—in an efficient manner.

Using Intelligent Document Processing

At its core, intelligent document processing (IDP) is the technology used in digital mailroom automation. IDP uses artificially intelligent algorithms that enable documents to be classified into specific categories based on their content. This means that documents can be automatically sorted according to predetermined criteria such as sender or recipient name, document type, subject matter, or even certain keywords or phrases contained within the document itself.

This, in turn, allows organizations to identify important documents quickly and easily, enabling them to respond faster than ever before.

Benefits of Digital Mailroom Automation

The benefits of digital mailroom automation are numerous; it enables organizations to speed up their response times while saving money on labor costs associated with manual processing.

Additionally, automating this process will free up valuable resources within the business so they can focus on other pressing tasks—such as improving customer service—that require more time and attention from staff members.

Finally, having all incoming documents managed electronically also provides organizations with greater security since all documents are stored securely in a centralized location where they cannot be accessed without authorization from senior management or IT personnel.


As enterprises continue down the path of digital transformation, it’s important for them not only to recognize but embrace new technologies like Digital Mail Room Automation that enable them to stay competitive in today’s rapidly changing marketplace.

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