What is the Cost to Scan Documents for Your Business?

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February 16, 2023

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The industry average to scan records is between $0.07 and $0.12 per page depending on factors such as; document preparation, document capture, post-scan processing, indexing, quality assurance, and data export.

A typical box of records contains about 2,500 pages, so you can expect to pay between $175 to $300 per box.

A typical drawer file cabinet (approx. 36 inches) contains about 6,000 documents, so you can expect to pay between $420 to $720 per drawer.

What variables impact the price of document scanning services?

When it comes to document scanning, there are a number of factors that weigh into the overall cost of your document scanning project.

A few of these include the volume of documents to be scanned, document preparation requirements, and indexing requirements.

Let’s take a closer look at each factor.

The Number of Documents To Be Scanned

The first factor that affects the cost of a document scanning project is the number of documents to be scanned.

The more documents you need scanned (think "bulk scanning") the higher the OVERALL cost will usually be, but you can typically expect a lower UNIT cost. It is important for businesses to have an accurate estimate of how many documents need to be scanned before beginning a project in order to get an accurate quote from a scanning company.

Document Preparation Requirements

The second factor that affects the cost of a document scanning project is document preparation requirements.

If your documents require any special handling or sorting prior to being scanned, they will cost extra. 

This includes things such as:

  • Removing staples or paper clips
  • Folding pages
  • Pre-sorting them into batches or categories before they can be scanned
  • Are there envelops that need to be opened and documents removed like in digital mailroom applications

The more intricate preparation required before scanning can increase costs significantly depending on how much time and effort is needed for each step in the process.

Indexing Requirements

The third factor that affects the document scanning service price
is indexing requirements.

Indexing refers to assigning keywords or tags to categorize documents so that they can be easily searched electronically once they have been scanned and uploaded into a document management system or ECM system.

The more detailed your indexing needs are, such as having multiple fields indexed per page or special data extraction methods used like barcode recognition or Optical Character Recognition (OCR), will add additional costs onto your project’s total price tag.


Document scanning costs are variable and the only true way to know the cost of your scanning project is to consult with an expert document scanning company. 

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