How to Pick the Best Document Scanning Company for Your Project

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January 16, 2023

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For large companies, document scanning projects can be a major undertaking.

The success of the project depends upon selecting the right partner. But how do you evaluate vendors to ensure you get the best service possible? 

Here are some tips on evaluating and selecting the best vendor for your document scanning project

Define Your Project Goals

Before you can start evaluating vendors, you need to define the goals of your scanning project. What are you trying to accomplish? How many documents do you need scanned? Are there any special requirements, such as high-resolution images or OCR (Optical Character Recognition)? Once you have identified these criteria, it will be much easier to select a vendor who can handle the job.

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Check References

Once you have identified potential vendors, it's important to check references and ask questions about their past work. Ask clients they've worked with in the past what their experience was like working with them. Find out if they met deadlines, stayed within budget, and provided quality results—all of which are essential for a successful project.

Tour the Scanning Facility

Before signing on with any vendor, make sure to tour their facility so that you know exactly what kind of environment your documents will be scanned in. Does it look clean and organized? Does it have modern equipment? Are security measures in place? Are there clearly defined document scanning processes? These are all important considerations when selecting a partner for your scanning project.

Understand Security Measures During the Process

It's also critical that you understand how your documents will be secured during the process. Will they be encrypted while being transferred between locations? Is there an emergency backup plan in case something goes wrong? What kind of measures are in place to ensure compliance with data protection laws?

A reputable vendor should have answers to all these questions readily available.

Request a Sample Prior To Committing To The Whole Project

Finally, request samples before committing to any document scanning project so that you can evaluate how well they meet your needs.

A good vendor should provide samples of their work so that you can get an idea of what their output looks like before making any final decisions about whether or not they are right for your project.


When selecting a partner for an important document scanning project, it's essential to take your time and make sure that the vendor meets all of your requirements before committing to anything long-term. By carefully evaluating each prospective partner on criteria such as defining project goals, checking references, touring facilities, understanding security measures during processing, and requesting samples before committing, you can ensure that they select only the best vendors for your project!

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